What Happens If You Don’t Wear Sunscreen

If you forget to put on sunscreen, you are putting yourself at risk of skin damage. Prolonged exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays can cause sunburns, premature skin aging, and even skin cancer. It is important to remember to […]

Can You Wear Makeup After A Chemical Peel

Chemical peels are a popular facial treatment used to improve skin texture, tone, and clarity. However, if you’re considering having a chemical peel, you may be wondering if you can wear makeup afterwards. While it is possible to wear makeup […]

Can I Wear Makeup After A Facial

A facial is a great way to give your skin a deep clean and pampered look. But once you’ve had a facial, you may be wondering whether it’s safe to wear makeup afterward. The answer is yes, but with some […]

Can I Wear Makeup To My Botox Appt

If you’re considering getting Botox, you may be wondering if it’s okay to wear makeup to your Botox appointment. The answer is yes, and in fact, it’s a good idea to wear makeup for your Botox appointment. Wearing makeup not […]

Can You Wear Silver In The Shower

Silver jewelry is a popular fashion accessory that many people love to wear. Unfortunately, there’s a common misconception that it’s not safe to wear silver in the shower. The truth is, you can wear silver while showering without any adverse […]

How Long After Microblading Can I Wear Makeup

Microblading is a popular semi-permanent makeup treatment that is used to fill in sparse or thinning eyebrows. After the treatment, it is important to follow the aftercare instructions carefully in order to ensure the best results. One of the questions […]

Does Wearing Makeup Age You

It is often said that wearing makeup can age you. We’ve all heard the old adage that “less is more” and seen the over-tanned, over-filled faces of celebrities who’ve taken it too far. But does wearing makeup really age you? […]

How Long After A Stye Can I Wear Mascara

A stye, also referred to as a hordeolum, is an infection of the eyelid. It is caused by a bacterial infection and can be quite painful. If you have recently developed a stye, you may be wondering how long after […]

How Long After Lip Fillers Can I Wear Makeup

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Can You Wear Primer Alone

Primer is an important step in any makeup routine, as it helps create a smooth base for makeup application. But can you wear primer alone? The answer is yes! Primer can be a great way to give your skin an […]

Can You Wear Makeup After Botox

Botox is a popular cosmetic treatment that is used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on the face. In addition to its anti-aging benefits, Botox can also help improve your facial symmetry and boost your overall confidence. […]