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Welcome to What Wear Style Lifestyle Blog in Louisville, KY. We are a fashion blog with an emphasis on style and lifestyle, helping to bring the latest trends and tips to the Louisville area. Our aim is to bring you […]

What Shoes To Wear With Grey Pants Female

Grey pants can be a great addition to any wardrobe, as they provide versatility and style. For women, there are many options when it comes to shoes that can be paired with grey pants. From sneakers and sandals to loafers […]

Does Pat Sajak Wear A Wig

Pat Sajak has been the host of the popular game show Wheel of Fortune since 1981. Over the years, viewers have become accustomed to his signature look – his signature hairstyle, to be exact. This has led many to wonder: […]

What To Wear On Marathon Day

Marathon day is an important event for runners, and choosing the right outfit is essential for a successful race. The clothing you decide to wear on marathon day should be comfortable and lightweight, allowing for maximum movement and breathability. In […]

What To Wear Golfing For The First Time Ladies

Golfing is an enjoyable and challenging sport that can be enjoyed by all levels of players. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned golfer, it’s important to wear the right attire for the course. As a first-time lady golfer, […]

What Shoes Does Wednesday Addams Wear

Wednesday Addams is a popular fictional character from the Addams Family series who is known for her distinct gothic style. One of the most iconic elements of Wednesday’s look is her shoes. Wednesday is often portrayed wearing classic black Mary […]

What Jeans Does Morgan Wallen Wear

Morgan Wallen is one of the hottest new country music stars on the scene today. His fans love his style, and he often gets asked what kind of jeans he wears. Well, Morgan Wallen is known for his distinct style […]

What Hand Should A Woman Wear A Watch

A woman’s choice in watch style is often a reflection of her personality and personal style. But one question that often arises is: which hand should a woman wear a watch on? This can be a tricky question, as there […]

What Do You Wear To A Rodeo

Attending a rodeo is an exciting event that many people look forward to every year. But if you’re going to a rodeo, you need to be sure that you dress appropriately. Knowing what to wear to a rodeo can be […]

What Arm Should A Woman Wear A Watch

A woman’s choice of watch is often determined by her personal style, however it is important to consider which arm she should wear it on. Whether a woman prefers a dressy watch or one for everyday wear, the right arm […]

What Age Wears 2t

What Age Wears 2t is an online platform that helps parents select the right size clothing for their children. It offers comprehensive sizing information and advice for babies, toddlers and older children. The website is designed to make it easier […]

Why Did Kareem Wear Goggles

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is an American retired professional basketball player and one of the most famous athletes of all time. He had a long and successful career in the NBA, winning six championships with the Los Angeles Lakers. Throughout his career, […]

Don’t Wear That Outfit Again

Don’t Wear That Outfit Again is a book for those of us who want to make sure we look our best at all times. It is a guide to dressing well no matter the occasion, covering everything from choosing the […]

Can You Wear A Tie With Short Sleeve Shirt

Ties are a timeless part of men’s fashion, and the question of whether or not you can wear a tie with a short sleeve shirt is one that has been asked many times. The short answer is yes, you can […]

Can Men Wear Anklets

Anklets have been a fashion accessory for centuries, worn by both men and women. Though traditionally thought of as something just for women, men can wear anklets too. In fact, anklets have a long history of being worn by both […]

Why Does Sammi Jefcoate Wear Wigs

Sammi Jefcoate is a popular internet celebrity, best known for her Youtube videos and her unique take on fashion. She has recently gained a lot of attention for her use of wigs to express herself and her identity. Sammi has […]

Why Does Bono Wear Gloves

Bono, the lead singer of the world-renowned rock band U2, is known for his iconic style and signature look. One of the most recognizable features of his style is his penchant for wearing gloves. While the reason behind why Bono […]

Why Do People Wear Their Pants Low

The wearing of low-slung pants has become a popular trend among many people in recent years. While the style may be considered fashionable, there are a variety of reasons why people choose to wear their pants in such a way. […]

What To Wear To A Trampoline Park

Trampoline parks are a fun way to spend time with family and friends, but when it comes to deciding what to wear, things can get a bit tricky. There are some general guidelines when it comes to trampoline park attire […]

What Are You Wearing Meme

The What Are You Wearing meme is a popular meme that has been circulating on the internet for years. It’s a simple yet funny concept; it involves someone taking a selfie of themselves wearing something unusual or outrageous and then […]

What Cologne Did Elvis Wear

Elvis Presley is remembered as one of the most iconic figures in history. His style and unique look set him apart from other celebrities. One of the most recognizable aspects of Elvis’s style was his signature cologne. He always wore […]

What To Wear In Nashville Over 50

Nashville, Tennessee is known for its vibrant music and culture scene, as well as its hot, humid climate. With the city’s diverse style influences and unpredictable weather, it can be hard to know what to wear in Nashville if you’re […]

What To Wear In Ny In October

Visiting New York in October? With the weather cooling down and the leaves changing color, it’s a great time to visit the city. But what should you wear in New York in October? It’s important to dress for the season […]

What Shoes Did Kurt Cobain Wear

Kurt Cobain was an iconic musician of the 1990s and his iconic style has been remembered ever since. He was known for his unique fashion sense and his signature grunge look, which included a variety of different shoes. From Doc […]