Does Jimmy Fallon Wear A Wig

Does Jimmy Fallon Wear A Wig For His Show?

The popular late-night show host, Jimmy Fallon, has been the talk of the town for many years. He has become known for his comedic bits and hilarious skits, which often involve a wig or costume of some sort. One of the most common questions fans have is whether or not Jimmy Fallon wears a wig during his show. The answer is no, he does not wear a wig on his show.

Jimmy Fallon is known for having naturally thick and curly hair, which gives him an iconic look that many people recognize. While he often wears wigs and costumes for comedic bits during the show, he does not actually wear a wig on any regular basis. Instead, he uses his natural hair to create different looks during his skits and jokes.

In addition to not wearing a wig, Jimmy Fallon also does not use any form of hair extensions or toupees on his show. While some celebrities choose to add extensions or toupees to their look in order to change their appearance, Jimmy Fallon prefers to keep things natural and authentic. He maintains his iconic look with just his natural hair and occasional costumes and wigs for comedic bits.

Overall, it is clear that Jimmy Fallon does not wear a wig for his show. Instead, he relies on his natural hair and occasional costumes in order to create the funny skits that fans love so much. So if you were wondering whether or not Jimmy Fallon wears a wig during his show – the answer is no!

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Jimmy Fallon Wearing A Wig

Jimmy Fallon is a renowned American comedian, actor, and television host. He is well-known for his comedic skits, musical impressions, and roles in various movies and TV shows. Recently, he has been seen wearing a wig on his show The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. This has raised the curiosity of many viewers who are wondering what the reason is behind Jimmy Fallon wearing a wig.

The truth behind Jimmy Fallon’s wig can be traced back to an incident that happened in June 2015. During a taping of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the comedian tripped over a rug and fell down hard on the floor. This caused him to suffer from a serious hand injury which required surgery and several weeks of rest for recovery. Since he was unable to style his hair due to his injury, he started wearing wigs to hide it during the show’s tapings.

It was also speculated that Jimmy Fallon’s wig helped him cover up some thinning patches on his head which were caused by hair loss due to stress and strain from his work life. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly in 2017, he revealed that he had been suffering from alopecia areata since 2007 but had managed to keep it under wraps until then.

Jimmy Fallon has been wearing wigs for years now due to both of these reasons: to hide his hand injury and also his alopecia areata patches. As time went on, he became more comfortable with wearing wigs while hosting The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and even started incorporating them into certain skits or jokes on the show which made it even funnier!

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In conclusion, the reason behind Jimmy Fallon wearing a wig is due to both an injury sustained during a taping of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon as well as alopecia areata which had been affecting him since 2007 but was kept hidden until 2017 when he revealed it in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.