How Far Is Wears Valley From Pigeon Forge

Wears Valley is located just a few miles away from Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, making it an ideal destination for visitors who want to explore the area. Wears Valley is a scenic mountain valley located between Pigeon Forge and Townsend, and it offers visitors a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of Pigeon Forge. The drive from Pigeon Forge to Wears Valley takes about 15-20 minutes, depending on traffic. And once in Wears Valley, visitors can take advantage of its numerous attractions like hiking trails, waterfalls, and scenic overlooks. So if you’re looking for a quiet escape close to Pigeon Forge, be sure to check out Wears Valley!Wears Valley is located approximately 10 miles from Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

Distance Between Wears Valley and Pigeon Forge

Wears Valley and Pigeon Forge are two popular tourist destinations in Tennessee that offer a variety of exciting activities. Both are located in the Great Smoky Mountains, making them ideal for outdoor exploration and adventure. The distance between Wears Valley and Pigeon Forge is approximately 10 miles, or 16 kilometers. It can take around 25 minutes to drive between the two destinations, depending on traffic and road conditions.

Both Wears Valley and Pigeon Forge offer a variety of attractions for visitors to enjoy, from shopping and dining to outdoor recreation and entertainment. In Wears Valley, visitors can explore the area’s rich history at the Little Greenbrier Schoolhouse museum, visit the nearby Cades Cove scenic area, or go ziplining at Legacy Mountain Ziplines. In Pigeon Forge, visitors can ride rollercoasters at Dollywood theme park, explore the Titanic Museum Attraction, or take a stroll along The Island in Pigeon Forge boardwalk.

No matter where you decide to visit in the Great Smoky Mountains region of Tennessee, you’re sure to have an unforgettable experience. Whether you spend your time hiking in Cades Cove or enjoying the rides at Dollywood theme park, this part of Tennessee has something for everyone!

Travel Time to Reach Wears Valley from Pigeon Forge

The travel time required to reach Wears Valley from Pigeon Forge depends on the mode of transport you are using. By car, it takes around 10 minutes to cover the approximately 10.5 miles journey. If you opt for public transportation such as bus or taxi, it may take longer depending on the traffic along the way. For a more scenic route, you can also take a leisurely drive through the scenic winding roads of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, which can take up to 20-30 minutes. The journey is definitely worth it!

If you prefer a faster pace and don’t mind some hustle and bustle, then you can consider taking a helicopter ride from Pigeon Forge to Wears Valley. This will get you there in just about 3-4 minutes! However, this mode of transport isn’t available for everyone due to its cost and availability.

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No matter what mode of transport you choose, traveling from Pigeon Forge to Wears Valley is an enjoyable experience that will give you plenty of time to enjoy the sights and sounds of this beautiful part of Tennessee.

Most Popular Routes to Reach Wears Valley from Pigeon Forge

The most popular route to reach Wears Valley from Pigeon Forge is via US-321 S. This route is the quickest and most direct way to reach Wears Valley, taking only about 14 minutes in total. The road takes you through a scenic drive, with stunning views of the Smoky Mountains along the way. You can also take Veterans Boulevard to get to Wears Valley, which is a slightly longer route but also offers beautiful views as you drive. It takes about 20 minutes from Pigeon Forge to reach Wears Valley via Veterans Boulevard.

If you’re looking for a more leisurely journey, you can take Wears Valley Road from Pigeon Forge and enjoy several stops along the way. This route will take approximately 25 minutes and goes past several attractions including The Island in Pigeon Forge, Dollywood Theme Park, and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. There are plenty of places to stop and take in the views or grab a bite to eat along this route.

No matter which route you choose, traveling between Pigeon Forge and Wears Valley is always an enjoyable experience that gives you plenty of time to appreciate the beauty of the Smoky Mountains.

The Best Ways to Travel to Reach Wears Valley from Pigeon Forge

Wears Valley is a popular destination for travelers and locals alike. Located just outside of Pigeon Forge, Wears Valley offers a variety of activities, shops, dining options and more. There are several ways to get to Wears Valley from Pigeon Forge, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The most popular way to get to Wears Valley is by car. Driving is the fastest and most convenient option, as the drive takes approximately 10 minutes depending on traffic. Parking in Wears Valley is usually easy and free, but it can be difficult during peak tourist times.

Another popular option is taking the trolley. The trolley runs from Pigeon Forge to Wears Valley every hour from 9:30am-8:30pm everyday except Sunday when it runs from 11:30am-8:30pm. The cost of the trolley ride is $1 per person one-way or $2 for a round trip ticket.

Taking an Uber or Lyft is also an option, although it may be more expensive than driving yourself or taking the trolley depending on how far away you are starting from. Taxis are also available in the area if you prefer that option over ride sharing services.

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Finally, you can always take a scenic hike up Cove Mountain Trail if you’re looking for some outdoor exercise during your visit to Wears Valley. This hike will take about 3-4 hours depending on your pace and how many stops you make along the way. It’s best to wear comfortable shoes and bring plenty of water as it can get quite hot during summer months!

Driving Directions From Pigeon Forge to Wears Valley

Heading east on Parkway, take a right onto Dollywood Lane. Follow Dollywood Lane for about 3 miles until you reach Wears Valley Road. Take a left onto Wears Valley Road and continue for 6 miles until you reach the intersection of Wears Valley Road and Wearwood Drive. Take a left onto Wearwood Drive and continue for 2 miles until you reach the entrance to Wears Valley.

Once you arrive in Wears Valley, take a right at the first stop sign onto Old Towne Way. Old Towne Way will turn into Wears Cove Road after about 1 mile. Follow Wears Cove Road to its end at Scenic Drive and take a left. Continue down Scenic Drive until you reach the intersection of Scenic Drive and Walden’s Creek Road where you will take a right.

Follow Walden’s Creek Road for about 4 miles until you reach the intersection of Walden’s Creek Road and Old Mill Avenue. Take a left onto Old Mill Avenue and follow it for about 1 mile until you reach your destination in downtown Wears Valley.

Closest Route From Pigeon Forge to Wears Valley

The closest route from Pigeon Forge to Wears Valley is via US-321 N and US-441 N. This scenic drive will take you through the beautiful Smoky Mountains, offering spectacular views of the area and its many attractions. Along the way, you’ll pass through some of the area’s most iconic landmarks, including Dollywood, Pigeon Forge’s great theme park. The journey from Pigeon Forge to Wears Valley takes approximately 20 minutes, depending on traffic.

Once you arrive in Wears Valley, you’ll find a wide variety of attractions and activities for all ages. From zip lining to horseback riding, there’s something for everyone here. You can also explore some of the area’s natural wonders, such as Cades Cove and Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail. Of course, don’t forget to stop by nearby Townsend for some great shopping and dining opportunities.

No matter what your plans are when visiting Wears Valley or Pigeon Forge, this route is sure to offer plenty of fun and beautiful scenery along the way. So be sure to plan your trip accordingly and enjoy everything that this region has to offer!

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Transportation Options From Pigeon Forge to Wears Valley

Pigeon Forge and Wears Valley are two popular vacation destinations in the Smoky Mountains region of East Tennessee. Visitors to the area often want to explore both locations while they are in town, which means they need to know about transportation options from Pigeon Forge to Wears Valley.

The best way to get between Pigeon Forge and Wears Valley is by car. The two towns are located just 6 miles apart, so the drive only takes about 10 minutes. Most visitors will have access to a car, whether it is their own vehicle or a rental. If you don’t have your own car, there are several rental car companies in Pigeon Forge and Sevierville that can provide you with a vehicle for your stay.

Another popular option for getting between Pigeon Forge and Wears Valley is by trolley. The Great Smoky Mountains Trolley Service operates daily trolley excursions from both Pigeon Forge and Sevierville that travel through Wears Valley on their way to Townsend. The trolleys offer great views of the area as well as convenient transportation for visitors who don’t have access to a car.

Finally, there are several taxi services that operate in the area that can provide transportation between Pigeon Forge and Wears Valley. Taxi fares will vary depending on the company and distance traveled, so be sure to call ahead for an estimate of your fare before beginning your journey.

No matter how you choose to get between Pigeon Forge and Wears Valley, it’s easy and convenient to explore both destinations while you’re in town!


Wears Valley, located just outside of Pigeon Forge, is a great destination for anyone looking to explore the beautiful Smoky Mountains. With a variety of outdoor activities, shopping and dining experiences, and historic sites available in both Pigeon Forge and Wears Valley, there is something for everyone. Visitors can also find plenty of lodging options in both towns to fit any budget. The two towns are also conveniently located within minutes of each other, making it easy to take advantage of all that each has to offer.

Ultimately, the distance between Pigeon Forge and Wears Valley is approximately 8 miles, depending on your route. Although it may not seem like much distance on paper, it can still take up to 20 minutes or more to make the drive between the two towns due to traffic and winding roads. However, no matter how far apart they may be geographically, these two unique towns remain closely linked together by their shared history and attractions.