A Don Doesn T Wear Shorts

A Don Doesn’t Wear Shorts is an entertaining and humorous story about a young boy who learns the hard way that there are certain rules to be followed in life. The book follows the adventures of a young boy named […]

Why Did Pirates Wear Eye Patch

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Why Do Sailors Wear Bell Bottoms

Sailors have been wearing bell-bottom trousers since the late 18th century. These trousers, also known as “sailor’s slops” or “slop pants,” were designed to provide maximum mobility and comfort for sailors while working on deck. Bell bottoms allowed sailors to […]

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Why Do Pirates Wear Eye Patches

Pirates have long been associated with eye patches, and for centuries, the practice of wearing an eye patch has been connected to buccaneers of the high seas. There are a variety of explanations for why pirates wear eye patches, from […]

Why Did Pirates Wear Eye Patches

Pirates are often associated with eye patches, but why did they wear them? Eye patches were worn by pirates for many reasons. Popular lore suggests that eye patches were worn to cover up missing eyes or to give the pirate […]