What Number Will Kyrie Wear In Dallas

Kyrie Irving is one of the most talented players in the NBA and has been a major contributor to both the Boston Celtics and Brooklyn Nets over the past few years. With his recent move to the Dallas Mavericks, fans have been wondering what number he will choose to wear on his jersey. Many believe that Kyrie could select a historic number like 11, which was worn by Dirk Nowitzki with the Mavericks, or he could opt for something entirely new. No matter what number he chooses, it is sure to be exciting.Kyrie Irving will be wearing the number 11 jersey for the Dallas Mavericks.

Kyrie Irving Getting a New Jersey Number in Dallas?

Rumors are swirling that Kyrie Irving may be getting a new jersey number when he joins the Dallas Mavericks. The All-Star guard has worn number 11 for most of his career, but the Mavericks already have that number taken by Delon Wright. It is believed that Irving will be switching to another number, though no confirmation has been made yet.

Irving has had a lot of success with the number 11, which he wore during his time with the Cleveland Cavaliers and Boston Celtics. He won an NBA championship with the Cavs while wearing it, and was an All-Star in all four of his seasons in Boston. It would be understandable if he was hesitant to switch away from it, but it looks like he will have no choice if he wants to join the Mavericks.

The new number Irving chooses could give us some insight into how he views his move to Dallas. If he chooses a single-digit number, it could signal that he is ready to start fresh and make a name for himself on the Mavericks roster. On the other hand, if he decides to keep his old jersey number or choose another double-digit one, it could mean that he is simply looking for continuity as he transitions into a new team. Either way, we’ll know soon enough what jersey Irving will be wearing when he takes the court for Dallas next season.

It will certainly be interesting to see what jersey Kyrie Irving wears when takes the court for Dallas next season. His choice could give us some insight into how views this move and how serious he is about making an impact with his new team. No matter what jersey number Irving decides to go with, one thing is certain: fans of both teams are eager to see him back on an NBA court and making plays once again!

Kyrie Irving’s Jersey Number

Kyrie Irving is a basketball legend whose career has spanned over a decade. In that time, he’s played for three different teams and worn a variety of jersey numbers. His most recognizable number is 11, which he wore during his time with the Cleveland Cavaliers and Boston Celtics. He also wore 15 during his first two years with the Cavs, as well as during his one season in Brooklyn. Finally, Irving has also sported 30 while playing in both Cleveland and Boston.

Irving’s first jersey number was 11, which he donned when he joined the Cavaliers in 2011 after being selected first overall in the NBA Draft. He appeared in 5 All-Star games wearing #11 for Cleveland before being traded to the Celtics in 2017. While with Boston, Irving again wore #11 and went on to win the 2018 Eastern Conference championship with them before signing as a free agent with Brooklyn in 2019.

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In Brooklyn, Irving chose to wear jersey number 30 as a tribute to his late mother Elizabeth Larson who had passed away earlier that year at the age of 55. He had already worn this number while playing for Cleveland from 2011-2014 before switching back to 11 when he returned to the Cavs in 2015.

Irving returned to Boston ahead of the 2020-21 season, once again wearing #11 on his jersey. Through his many changes of teams and jerseys numbers throughout his career, Kyrie Irving has become one of basketball’s most iconic players and fans will remember him no matter what number he wears on the court.

Kyrie Irving Allowed to Wear Any Number He Chooses in Dallas?

Kyrie Irving is one of the top NBA players in the league today and he has the freedom to choose which number he wears on his jersey. The only stipulation is that it must be unique within his team. That means no one else on the roster can have the same number as Kyrie. With that being said, if Kyrie were to join the Dallas Mavericks, would he be allowed to wear any number he chooses?

The answer is yes. According to NBA rules, each player is allowed to select a unique number for their jersey and there are no restrictions on what numbers they can pick. This means that if Kyrie were to join the Mavericks, he would be free to choose any number he wants for his jersey. However, it’s worth noting that some numbers may already be taken by other players on the team, so it’s important for him to do his research before making a decision.

Ultimately, if Kyrie Irving does decide to join the Dallas Mavericks, he will have full control over which number he wears on his jersey. He is allowed to choose any number that is available within his team and there are no restrictions or limitations placed upon him in this regard. So whether it’s #11 or #23 or something else entirely, Kyrie will have full freedom of choice when it comes to deciding what number will adorn his next Mavericks jersey.

Kyrie Irving’s Jersey Numbers

Kyrie Irving is a professional basketball player in the NBA, best known for his time with the Cleveland Cavaliers and Boston Celtics. He has worn several jersey numbers throughout his career, including No. 2, No. 11, and No. 23. While he is currently not wearing any of these numbers in the league, there are some players who have taken on these same digits in recent seasons.

No. 2 was Kyrie’s number with the Cavaliers from 2014-2017, and it has been worn by a few different players since then. Elfrid Payton currently wears No. 2 for the New York Knicks, while Jordan Clarkson sports it on the Utah Jazz’s roster.

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No. 11 was Kyrie’s number during his time with the Celtics from 2017 to 2019, and has been picked up by two current NBA players: D’Angelo Russell of the Minnesota Timberwolves and Alec Burks of the Warriors, who both joined their respective teams this season and chose to wear Irving’s former number as a tribute to him.

Finally, Kyrie wore No. 23 during his four-year stint with the Cavaliers from 2011-14 and a few current NBA players have taken up that number since then; namely Garrett Temple on the Brooklyn Nets and Klay Thompson on the Golden State Warriors.

In conclusion, even though Kyrie Irving is no longer wearing any of his old jersey numbers in the NBA, there are still some players out there who are honoring him by donning them in their own way.

Kyrie Irving’s Choice of Jersey Number in Dallas

Kyrie Irving’s choice of jersey number in Dallas has been the source of some speculation. The former Boston Celtics point guard, who signed with the Mavericks in free agency this summer, chose to take the No. 11 jersey with his new team. Irving had previously worn No. 2 with the Celtics, and even wore No. 2 during his brief stint with the Brooklyn Nets. So why did he choose to go with No. 11 instead?

One possibility is that Irving wanted to pay homage to one of his idols, Kobe Bryant, who famously wore No. 24 for much of his career with the Lakers. The numbers add up to 11 when combined (2+4=6), and it could be a subtle way for Irving to honor Bryant’s legacy after his untimely passing in January 2020.

Another theory is that Irving chose 11 as a nod to his Native American heritage. In some Native American tribes, such as the Iroquois Confederacy, 11 is considered a sacred number representing healing and balance within communities—something that could be particularly meaningful for Irving, who has said he wants to use basketball as a platform for social change and justice reform.

No matter what the reason behind it may be, Kyrie Irving’s choice of jersey number in Dallas certainly adds an interesting layer to his story as he embarks on this new chapter in his career with the Mavericks.

Will Kyrie Irving Make History With His Jersey Number Choice in Dallas?

Kyrie Irving is one of the most exciting players in the NBA today, and his decision to join the Dallas Mavericks has already made headlines. But could he make even more history with his jersey number choice? It’s certainly possible. Irving has already made history with his jersey number choices in the past, and it looks like he could do it again in Dallas.

Irving has worn the number 11 for most of his career, but he changed to the number 2 when he joined the Brooklyn Nets. This marked the first time a player had changed their jersey number after signing with a new team since Kobe Bryant switched from 8 to 24 when he moved from the Lakers to the Nets.

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Irving is currently wearing number 11 with Dallas, but there are rumors that he might switch to number 31 as a tribute to Mavs legend Dirk Nowitzki. If Irving does make this switch, it would be an unprecedented move and would be seen as a sign of respect for Nowitzki and all that he has done for the franchise.

No matter what Kyrie Irving decides to do with his jersey number, it’s sure to be talked about and analyzed by fans and media alike. The possibility of him making history again is exciting, and it will be interesting to see how things play out once Irving officially joins the team. Whatever happens, one thing is certain: Kyrie Irving has a chance to etch his name into Mavs lore forever if he makes this bold move.

Why Does it Matter What Jersey Number Kyrie Irving Chooses for the Mavericks?

It matters what jersey number Kyrie Irving chooses for the Mavericks because it can be an important symbol of the team’s culture and identity. Irving is one of the most exciting young players in the NBA, and his jersey number could become a symbol of his commitment to the Mavericks and what they stand for. It could also become a rallying point for Maverick fans, who would be able to identify with Irving through his jersey number. Additionally, Irving’s jersey number could have an influence on other potential free agents who may be considering joining the Mavericks in future seasons. A successful player wearing a certain jersey number may help to attract future talent to the team.

In addition, Kyrie Irving’s jersey number could become a collector’s item if he has a successful run with the Mavericks. Fans may want to purchase merchandise or memorabilia with his jersey number on it, which could help to increase revenue for the team and further cement Irving’s legacy in Dallas. Ultimately, what jersey number Kyrie Irving chooses is an important decision that will have far-reaching implications both on and off the court.


It remains to be seen what number Kyrie Irving will wear when he joins the Dallas Mavericks. While there are many possible options, it is likely that he will choose to wear the number 11, as this is the number he has worn throughout his career and is a symbol of his personal journey. Regardless of what number Kyrie wears in Dallas, his addition to the team will undoubtedly be an exciting one for Mavericks fans. Kyrie has been one of the top players in the league since entering it and continues to be a dominant force in the game. With a mix of veteran leadership and young talent, Irving’s presence on the court should have a positive impact on the Mavericks’ chances for success this season and beyond.

As Kyrie Irving embarks on this new chapter in his career, it will be interesting to see how he adapts to life as a Maverick and what jersey number he ultimately chooses. Whatever number he wears in Dallas, fans should look forward to seeing him bring his unique skill set and passion for basketball onto the court each night.