What To Wear For Garba

Garba is a traditional Indian folk dance, usually performed during Navratri. It is a vibrant and energetic dance form that involves intricate footwork and hand movements in time with the music. Knowing what to wear for Garba can be a bit daunting for those who are unfamiliar with the tradition. To help you out, here are some tips on what to wear for Garba that will ensure you look your best and feel comfortable as you dance the night away!Garba is a traditional dance style that is popular in many parts of India. The dress code for Garba is special and unique, and it’s important to know what to wear for the event. For women, traditional Garba outfits are typically intricate, colorful skirts with a blouse or choli, and a dupatta. Women often accessorize their look with jewelry and bangles. Men typically wear traditional kurta pajama with a chunni (scarf). For both men and women, footwear should be comfortable but stylish. Traditional juttis are a great option for both men and women. To complete the look, you can also add bindi or henna to your hands.

Traditional Wear For Garba

Garba, a popular Indian folk dance, is usually performed during Navratri, a nine-day Hindu festival. While this dance form is fun and full of energy, it requires you to dress up in traditional clothing. Traditional wear for Garba includes vibrant colours and intricate designs. Women usually wear chaniya cholis, which are lehengas with pleats and heavy embroidery. The dupatta worn with the outfit is usually plain or has prints on it. Men generally wear kediyu, which is a long shirt with pleats in the front. This shirt also has heavy embroidery on it. It is paired with traditional pajama or dhoti-kurta and a turban to complete the look.

The colors of the garments worn for Garba are mainly bright shades like red, green, yellow and orange. These colors symbolize happiness, joy and prosperity according to Indian culture. Women’s chaniya choli sets come in various fabrics such as silk, cotton, georgette and chiffon. The dupatta can be either plain or embellished depending on personal preference. Men’s kediyu sets are made from fabrics like cotton silk blend or pure silk fabrics such as jamdani silk and banarasi silk which are known for their intricate designs and patterns.

Accessories play an important role in completing the look of traditional attire for Garba dancing. Women usually wear long necklaces called harams with their outfits along with jhumkas (traditional earrings) or maang tikkas (forehead jewelry). Men often wear kalgi (peacock feather brooch) along with a turban to complete their look. Traditional footwear such as jutis or mojris are also worn by both men and women during Garba dances to add to the overall ethnic look they are going for.

Traditional attire for Garba dancing is an important part of this festive celebration as it helps bring out the true essence of this dance form – joyous energy! Wearing bright colours and intricate designs helps create a joyful atmosphere that allows everyone to enjoy the festivities to its fullest potential!

Different Types of Traditional Garba Outfits

Garba is a folk dance originating from the state of Gujarat, India. It is commonly performed during Navratri, a nine-night festival dedicated to the worship of the goddess Durga. With its vibrant music and colorful costumes, it is one of the most popular dances in India. While there is no one-size-fits-all approach to traditional Garba outfits, they generally consist of a combination of traditional Indian fabrics, embroidery, and jewelry. Here are some different types of traditional Garba outfits:

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Lehengas are traditional skirts worn in India and other South Asian countries. They are usually made out of silk or chiffon and come in a variety of colors and patterns. For Garba, lehengas are often paired with fitted blouses that feature intricate embroidery and beading. Lehengas can also be accessorized with jewelry like bangles and necklaces to add an extra element to the outfit.

Chaniya Cholis

Chaniya Cholis are essentially two-piece saris. They consist of a long skirt (the chaniya) and a blouse (the choli). The skirts are usually heavily embroidered with intricate designs while the cholis often feature bold colors and patterns. These outfits are popular among Garba dancers as they allow for plenty of movement while still looking elegant.

Salwar Kameez

Salwar Kameez is another popular type of Indian clothing that is often seen at Garba events. This traditional dress consists of three pieces – a tunic top or kurta, loose trousers (salwar), and a long scarf (dupatta). Salwar Kameez outfits come in various fabrics such as cotton, silk, or georgette, and can be embellished with embroidery or appliques for added glamour.

No matter what type of traditional Garba outfit you choose to wear, you can be sure that you will look beautiful while celebrating this joyous festival!

History of Ghagra Choli

The Ghagra Choli is an outfit originating from the Indian subcontinent, and is especially popular in North India. It’s believed to have been around since the 10th century, as evidence shows it was worn by women of the Rajputs royal clan during that era. During this time, it was known as ‘lehenga’ and was part of the traditional bridal attire. In later centuries, it became popularly known as Ghagra Choli and is still seen today in various regional forms across India. The modern version of the outfit has also become popular in other parts of Asia and even further afield.

Design and Style of Ghagra Choli

The Ghagra Choli consists of three pieces; a long skirt (ghagra), a blouse (choli) and a dupatta or odhani that is draped over the shoulder or head. The skirt is often embellished with colorful embroidery, sequins and mirror work, while the choli may be plain or decorated similarly to match the ghagra. Colors for both pieces vary from region to region; while brighter colors are common in Rajasthan and Gujarat, pastel shades are preferred in other areas such as Bengal. The style can also vary from traditional styles to more modern cuts like fish tails or mermaid skirts.

Cultural Significance of Ghagra Choli

In some parts of India, wearing a ghagra choli is seen as symbolic of a woman’s modesty and respectability. It’s generally considered to be an appropriate dress for special occasions such as weddings or religious festivals like Diwali or Holi where women dress up in their best traditional clothes. In South India too, women often wear ghagras for weddings along with sarees for formal gatherings.

Modern Adaptations of Ghagra Choli

The modern day version of this traditional outfit has gone through various alterations over time to keep up with changing trends. It has been adapted into various styles such as lehenga sarees, short skirts with crop tops etc., which makes them more suitable for wearing on casual occasions too. This versatility has made them very popular among young women who want to look stylish while also maintaining their cultural identity at the same time.

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Kurti With Palazzo

Kurti with palazzo is a must-have outfit for Indian women. It is a perfect blend of style and comfort. It can be worn in almost any occasion, be it a casual outing or a special event. The traditional kurti with palazzo look has been around for many years and is still popular today. The kurti is usually made of cotton or silk and comes in a variety of colors, designs, and patterns. The matching palazzo trousers are usually lightweight and flowy, making them ideal for hot summer days.

Kurti with palazzo can be styled in many different ways depending on the occasion and personal taste. For formal occasions, the kurti can be paired up with an embroidered dupatta for an elegant look. For casual outings, it looks best when paired with light-colored or printed palazzos and accessorized with simple jewelry such as earrings or bangles.

When it comes to styling the look, there are many options to choose from such as wearing statement jewelry pieces like necklaces or bracelets to add a bit of sparkle to the outfit. Another great way to spice up the look is by adding accessories like belts, scarves or bags to give it an extra edge. Finally, adding some bright colors like reds and oranges can make the outfit stand out even more.

Kurti with palazzo is an easy way to dress up without having to put too much effort into styling your outfit. And since it’s lightweight and comfortable, you won’t have to worry about feeling uncomfortable when wearing it all day long. So go ahead and give this stylish combination a try!

Saree & Lehenga Choli

Saree and lehenga choli are two of the most popular traditional outfits worn in India. The saree is a draped garment made of fabric that is five to nine yards long, while the lehenga choli is a three-piece ensemble consisting of a skirt, blouse and dupatta (long scarf). Both garments are worn with various accessories such as jewelry and bags. Sarees are typically worn with a petticoat underneath and can be accessorized with stoles, shawls or jackets. Lehenga cholis are usually paired with statement jewelry such as large earrings and necklaces. These garments can be made from a variety of fabrics including silk, cotton, georgette, chiffon and more.

The saree is an iconic Indian garment that has been around for centuries. It is an elegant outfit that has been embraced by modern fashion designers who have given it a contemporary twist. Sarees come in various styles such as the Banarasi saree, Kanjeevaram saree, Chanderi saree and many more. The lehenga choli has also seen its share of modern makeovers with designers creating new cuts and styles to keep up with changing trends. Both these garments are traditional yet fashionable at the same time.

Sarees and lehengas can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. For formal occasions like weddings or special events, heavier fabrics like silk or brocade are preferred while lighter fabrics like georgette or chiffon work well for daywear. Both these outfits can be accessorized differently to create different looks for different occasions. Whether you want to make a statement in an intricately embroidered saree or keep it simple yet stylish in a pastel-colored lehenga – these traditional Indian garments will never go out of style!

Gota Patti Outfit

Gota patti is one of the finest and most traditional forms of embroidery in India. It is a type of lace work or trimming that involves intricate and complex designs made from zari thread. Gota patti is used to decorate traditional Indian clothing, such as saris, lehengas, and kurtas. Gota patti outfits are perfect for weddings, festivals, and other special occasions. They are bright and vibrant, making them an eye-catching choice for any event.

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Gota patti has been in use since the Mughal era in India and is still popular today. It is usually made with gold or silver zari thread on a variety of fabrics such as silk, cotton, and chiffon. The most common motifs used in Gota patti are flowers, leaves, birds, and geometric patterns. The intricate designs are created by hand stitching the zari thread onto the fabric using small needles.

Gota patti outfits can be customised to suit your style and personality. You can choose from a wide range of colours, fabrics, and designs to create your own unique look. From elegant lehengas to vibrant anarkalis – there’s something for everyone when it comes to Gota patti outfits! Whether you’re looking for something classic or something modern – you’ll be sure to find something that suits you perfectly.

So if you’re looking for a beautiful outfit that will stand out from the crowd – Gota patti outfits are a great choice! With their timeless design and intricate detailing – they are sure to make you look stunning on any occasion!

Dhoti Kurta Set

Dhoti Kurta Sets are traditional and ethnic wear for men in India. It has been a part of Indian culture for centuries and is still very popular. The dhoti is a loose fitting garment that is worn around the waist, while the kurta is a long shirt that comes down to the knees. They can be made from a variety of fabrics like cotton, silk, polyester, etc. and come in different colors and patterns. They are great for formal occasions like weddings, religious ceremonies, and festivals as well as casual occasions like family gatherings or just going out with friends. Dhoti Kurta Sets are comfortable to wear and look great when paired with other accessories like sherwanis or juttis.

Dhoti Kurta Sets are available in both ready-made and custom-made varieties depending on your taste. Ready-made sets can be bought off the shelf from stores or online sites while custom-made sets can be tailored to your measurements at tailoring shops or through online tailors. While ready-made sets are more affordable, custom-made sets offer more options in terms of fabric, color and design so you can get something that perfectly suits your style.

Whether you choose to go with ready-made or custom-made Dhoti Kurta Sets, they will always add a touch of sophistication to any look. They are perfect for traditional Indian events as well as modern day weddings or parties. With their timeless elegance, they will make you stand out from the crowd!


Garba is a fun and traditional event that can be enjoyed no matter what you wear. Whether you choose to dress in the traditional Gujarati attire or opt for something more contemporary, the most important thing is to be comfortable. It’s also important to remember that there are many cultural expectations and etiquette rules associated with Garba, so it’s best to research and familiarize yourself with these before attending.

Ultimately, it’s up to you how you want to dress for Garba. Choose something that makes you feel confident and beautiful, whatever that may be. Have fun with your look and enjoy the event!