What To Wear In Egypt In December

Egypt is a beautiful country that offers many cultural and historical attractions for visitors. December is a great time to visit Egypt, as the temperatures are cooler and more comfortable than other months. However, when traveling to Egypt in December, it’s important to pack the right clothes to stay comfortable while exploring the country. In this article, we’ll cover what to wear in Egypt in December to make sure you’re prepared for your trip.

Tips For Dressing For Egypt’s Climate In December

Egypt’s climate in December tends to be mild and pleasant, but it can get chilly at night. It’s important to dress appropriately for the weather to stay comfortable during your visit. Here are some tips for dressing for Egypt’s climate in December:

First and foremost, you’ll want to make sure you have plenty of layers. Lightweight and breathable fabrics are best, like cotton and linen. Long-sleeved shirts and pants will help protect you from the sun during the day, while a lightweight jacket or sweater can be put on when temperatures drop at night. A scarf or shawl is also a good idea, as it can be used as a sun cover-up or extra layer of warmth when needed.

Footwear should be comfortable and supportive, such as sneakers or sandals. Make sure they’re made from breathable materials so your feet don’t get too hot in the daytime sunshine. If you plan on doing any hiking or sightseeing in more remote locations, you may want to invest in a pair of sturdy shoes with good grip.

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Finally, don’t forget about headwear! A wide-brimmed hat will protect your face and neck from the sun during the day, while a beanie or warm hat can keep your head protected at night. You may also consider bringing along a pair of sunglasses to shield your eyes from the bright desert sunlight.

By following these tips for dressing for Egypt’s climate in December, you’ll be able to stay comfortable no matter what kind of activities you have planned during your trip. Whether you’re exploring ancient ruins or lounging by the Mediterranean Sea, being prepared with the right clothes can make all the difference!

Essential Items for Visiting Egypt in December

Egypt is a wondrous destination throughout the year, and December is no exception. With the cooler temperatures and breathtaking desert landscapes, it is an ideal time to explore this ancient land. However, preparing for a trip to Egypt in December requires some special considerations. Here are some of the essential items you should bring with you on your trip:

Lightweight Clothing

December temperatures in Egypt range from highs of 70-85°F (21-29°C) during the day and lows of 50-65°F (10-18°C) at night, so it’s important to pack lightweight clothing that can be layered if needed. Long sleeves and light pants are usually enough for daytime wear, and you may want to bring along a light jacket or wrap for cooler evenings. Don’t forget a hat—preferably one with a brim—to protect your face from the sun.

Sunscreen and Sunglasses

Egypt has very strong sunlight year-round, so it is essential to bring sunscreen with you on your trip. If you plan on spending a lot of time outside, make sure your sunscreen has an SPF rating of at least 30. You should also bring along sunglasses to protect your eyes from the bright desert sun.

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Sturdy Footwear

You will do a lot of walking during your visit to Egypt, so make sure you have comfortable shoes that can take some wear and tear. Good quality sandals are great for touring mosques or temples with marble floors, while closed shoes with good traction will be best for uneven outdoor terrain.

Bug Spray

While not as bad as other parts of the world, mosquitoes are still common in Egypt during the winter months. Be sure to pack bug spray with DEET or other insect repellent ingredients to help keep them at bay when exploring outdoors.

Photography Equipment

The incredible architecture and stunning landscapes in Egypt deserve to be documented! Make sure to have enough memory cards on hand for all of your photos, plus any additional equipment like lenses or filters that you might need.