What To Wear Motorcycle


Motorcycle helmets are the most important type of gear you can wear while riding. They provide essential head protection and save lives in the event of an accident. Helmets come in a variety of styles and designs, from full-face to open-face, modular to half-shell. In addition to protecting your head, helmets also offer features like built-in face shields, removable liners and adjustable ventilation.


Jackets are another important piece of motorcycle gear. Not only do they offer protection in the event of an accident, but they are also designed to keep you warm and comfortable on long rides. Motorcycle jackets come in different styles such as leather, mesh, textile and hybrid materials that combine two or more materials for enhanced protection and comfort. Jackets also feature adjustable straps for a personalized fit, as well as pockets for storing small items like keys or wallets.


Motorcycle pants are designed to provide both comfort and protection while riding. Like jackets, pants come in a variety of materials such as leather, mesh and textiles for different levels of weather protection. Most motorcycle pants feature adjustable straps and zippers for a secure fit, as well as reinforced panels at the knees and hips for added safety.


Boots are an essential part of any motorcycle rider’s wardrobe. They provide support when shifting gears or braking, protect your feet and ankles from debris on the road, and keep your feet dry in wet conditions. Motorcycle boots come in different styles such as high-top boots for maximum protection or low-cut boots for more flexibility when riding. Additionally, some boots feature ankle armor or reinforced toe boxes for added safety.

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Gloves are another important piece of motorcycle gear that keeps your hands safe while riding. Gloves protect against cold weather while also providing grip on the handlebars and brakes when necessary. Motorcycle gloves come in different styles such as short-cuff gloves that provide a better grip on the handlebars or gauntlet gloves that offer extra wrist protection from wind chill or rain. Additionally, many gloves feature padding on the palms to reduce vibration from the handlebars during long rides.